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Here's a evaluaton i made of some frameworks. It was a very simple
evaluation, i apology if i forget someone, and also from the mistakes
i much probably made.

It's a Google translation from Portuguese, so excuse the bad language.

Ofcourse, corrections or commentaries are welcome.


I've been evaluating some AJAX Frameworks, following these criteria:

- client side / server agnostic
- pure Javascript
- free / open-source

being that the ones that I found had been:


Here goes some commentaries:

* qooxdoo * - It has an impressive gallery of visual components,
seemed to me it is the most complete in this aspect.  It does not have
cinematic effect nor Drag&Drop, that it is a virtue or a defect
consonant the point of view...

*  Freja * - follows a standard MVC pattern, with the definitions of
Model in XML, View in XSL and Controller in Javascript, and, as they
say in the site, runs entirely in the customer, sees the server as a
service web and points  to zero latency.  This aspect of MVC =
XML/XSL/Javascript is what I have attemped to follow in my
applications.  It does not have sufficiently complete demos but has
some "live applications", namelly the Form Builder.

*  Dojo * -  A series of very complete libraries- General Purpose
Libraries, Web Appearance, Web I/O, Structures Date, Math & Crypto,
Widgets - seems to be the most including of all, however not having
"live demos" do not give to see the maturity of the development.

*  Macao * -  For  "web animation" type games, is not my area but it
seems interesting...

*  Mochikit * -  He seems me very limitad in components and in
functionalities, must be a "work in progress".  But according to them
it is very  well tested and very well documented, wich it is rare.

*  Rico * -  Although to be one of the most known it also seems to me
limited in components.  It has one, "accordion", that i don't find in
the others.  E has kinematic effect, Drag&Drop and Behaviors, for
those who likes... is based on "prototype".

* prototype * - It serves of "codebase" of several others frameworks,
as Rico, scrip.aculo.us, RubyOnRails and Behavior.  It does not have
demos, therefore best it is to look at the others...

* script.aculo.us * - one of the most known libraires, well-knoe for
the fields "autocomplete" and the some kinematic effect, serves of
base to others frameworks, namelly RubyOnRails.

*  ThyApi * -  Having the pretty name in it's last version of "Arara
Azul" (the authors are of Curitiba - Brazil, i wish i were there...),
over all seems to be a UI collection widgets, based  in panels and

*  Interactive Website Framework * - Beyond the name, it does not have
practicly no information or demo.  However it is a work recently

*  TIBET * - Although dosen't have any demos, the presentation that it
makes seems to indicate to be one framework very complete, with little
common caracteristics as "multiple-request coordination" and some
extensions of Javascript.  "Coming soon"...

*  Behavior * -  Based in script.aculo.us/prototype, it has as
particularitity to have the code defined at the level of the CSS and
not of the HTML.  Interesting...

there must be much more, since these techniques had had an explosive
growth over the last year, if you know of more inform me...


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