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Version 0.8
Added Safari 1.x compatibility (a very big thanks to Stephan Droste!)

Added image link events onclick and ondblclick: the link is directly stored in the longdesc attribute of the image tag

Improved image scaling: now all image formats will stay inside the main div container "imageflow"

Minor performance improvements

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Version 0.7
Added different cursor types

Added configuration variables

Changed implementation: all JavaScript is now stored inside the imageflow.js

Changed the captions handling: now the caption text is directly stored in the alt attribute of the image tag

Fixed a bug (description)

Version 0.6
Added arrow key support

Improved usability: now it just interacts on mouse wheel events if the cursor is over the main div container "imageflow"

Improved div container positioning

Fixed a bug (description)

Version 0.5.1
Fixed a mouse wheel bug (description)

Version 0.5
Added focus feature: now it can handle large amounts of images (>100)

Added scrollbar

Fixed display order of loading procedure

Version 0.4
Added mouse wheel support

Added loading bar

Minor performance improvements

Version 0.3
Added server side generated reflections

Minor performance improvements

Fixed correct scaling of square formats

Version 0.2
Changed global scaling and positioning: now it scales in relation to the div container "images"

Version 0.1
Improved browser compatibility

Added bottom alignment

Added correct scaling of different image formats


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