xslt_backend_info Returns the information on the compilation settings of the backend php函数


(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0)

xslt_backend_infoReturns the information on the compilation settings of the backend


string xslt_backend_info ( void )

xslt_backend_info() gets information about the compilation settings of the backend.


Returns a string with information about the compilation setting of the backend or an error string when no information available.


xslt_backend_name Returns the name of the backend
xslt_backend_version Returns the version number of Sablotron
xslt_create Create a new XSLT processor
xslt_errno Returns an error number
xslt_error Returns an error string
xslt_free Free XSLT processor
xslt_getopt Get options on a given xsl processor
xslt_process Perform an XSLT transformation
xslt_setopt Set options on a given XSLT processor
xslt_set_base Set the base URI for all XSLT transformations
xslt_set_encoding Set the encoding for the parsing of XML documents
xslt_set_error_handler Set an error handler for a XSLT processor
xslt_set_log Set the log file to write log messages to
xslt_set_object Sets the object in which to resolve callback functions

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