variant_get_type Returns the type of a variant object php函数


(PHP 5)

variant_get_typeReturns the type of a variant object


int variant_get_type ( variant $variant )

Returns the type of a variant object.



The variant object.


This function returns an integer value that indicates the type of variant, which can be an instance of COM, DOTNET or VARIANT classes. The return value can be compared to one of the VT_XXX constants.

The return value for COM and DOTNET objects will usually be VT_DISPATCH; the only reason this function works for those classes is because COM and DOTNET are descendants of VARIANT.

In PHP versions prior to 5, you could obtain this information from instances of the VARIANT class ONLY, by reading a fake type property. See the VARIANT class for more information on this.

variant_idiv Converts variants to integers and then returns the result from dividing them
variant_imp Performs a bitwise implication on two variants
variant_int Returns the integer portion of a variant
variant_mod Divides two variants and returns only the remainder
variant_mul Multiplies the values of the two variants
variant_neg Performs logical negation on a variant
variant_not Performs bitwise not negation on a variant
variant_or Performs a logical disjunction on two variants
variant_pow Returns the result of performing the power function with two variants
variant_round Rounds a variant to the specified number of decimal places
variant_set Assigns a new value for a variant object
variant_set_type Convert a variant into another type "in-place"
variant_sub Subtracts the value of the right variant from the left variant value
variant_xor Performs a logical exclusion on two variants

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