pspell_new_personal Load a new dictionary with personal wordlist php函数


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5)

pspell_new_personalLoad a new dictionary with personal wordlist


int pspell_new_personal ( string $personal , string $language [, string $spelling [, string $jargon [, string $encoding [, int $mode = 0 ]]]] )

pspell_new_personal() opens up a new dictionary with a personal wordlist. The wordlist can be modified and saved with pspell_save_wordlist(), if desired. However, the replacement pairs are not saved. In order to save replacement pairs, you should create a config using pspell_config_create(), set the personal wordlist file with pspell_config_personal(), set the file for replacement pairs with pspell_config_repl(), and open a new dictionary with pspell_new_config().

For more information and examples, check out inline manual pspell website:»



The file where words added to the personal list will be stored. It should be an absolute filename beginning with '/' because otherwise it will be relative to $HOME, which is "/root" for most systems, and is probably not what you want.


The language code which consists of the two letter ISO 639 language code and an optional two letter ISO 3166 country code after a dash or underscore.


The requested spelling for languages with more than one spelling such as English. Known values are 'american', 'british', and 'canadian'.


Extra information to distinguish two different words lists that have the same language and spelling parameters.


The encoding that words are expected to be in. Valid values are utf-8, iso8859-*, koi8-r, viscii, cp1252, machine unsigned 16, machine unsigned 32.


The mode in which spellchecker will work. There are several modes available:

  • PSPELL_FAST - Fast mode (least number of suggestions)
  • PSPELL_NORMAL - Normal mode (more suggestions)
  • PSPELL_BAD_SPELLERS - Slow mode (a lot of suggestions)
  • PSPELL_RUN_TOGETHER - Consider run-together words as legal compounds. That is, "thecat" will be a legal compound, although there should be a space between the two words. Changing this setting only affects the results returned by pspell_check(); pspell_suggest() will still return suggestions.
Mode is a bitmask constructed from different constants listed above. However, PSPELL_FAST, PSPELL_NORMAL and PSPELL_BAD_SPELLERS are mutually exclusive, so you should select only one of them.


Returns the dictionary link identifier for use in other pspell functions.


Example #1 pspell_new_personal()

pspell_new_personal ("/var/dictionaries/custom.pws",

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