ifx_prepare Prepare an SQL-statement for execution php函数


(PHP 4, PHP <=5.2.0)

ifx_preparePrepare an SQL-statement for execution


resource ifx_prepare ( string $query , resource $link_identifier [, int $cursor_def ], mixed $blobidarray )

Prepares a query for later use with ifx_do().

For "select-type" queries a cursor is declared and opened. Non-select queries are "execute immediate".

For either query type the number of (estimated or real) affected rows is saved for retrieval by ifx_affected_rows().

If the contents of the TEXT (or BYTE) column allow it, you can also use ifx_textasvarchar(1) and ifx_byteasvarchar(1). This allows you to treat TEXT (or BYTE) columns just as if they were ordinary (but long) VARCHAR columns for select queries, and you don't need to bother with blob id's.

With ifx_textasvarchar(0) or ifx_byteasvarchar(0) (the default situation), select queries will return BLOB columns as blob id's (integer value). You can get the value of the blob as a string or file with the blob functions (see below).



The query string.


The link identifier.


This optional parameter allows you to make this a scroll and/or hold cursor. It's a bitmask and can be either IFX_SCROLL, IFX_HOLD, or both or'ed together.


If you have BLOB (BYTE or TEXT) columns in the query, you can add a blobidarray parameter containing the corresponding "blob ids", and you should replace those columns with a "?" in the query text.


Returns a valid result identifier for use by ifx_do(), or FALSE on errors.


  • ifx_do() - Execute a previously prepared SQL-statement

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